The Ultimate Radio Network


When DJ Ms. Keyuni is playing she gives me chills bringing back those memories of that old school sound. which we forget in the music that we listen to today. She is definitely the QUEEN  of the ultimate radio network.

Sharon (Chesterfield VA)

This girl got some true skills I love her flow

Anthony (Ohio)

I love the smooth sound of Ms. Keyuni's voice she sound so sexy and sensual and her music is off the chain. I absolutely love her.

Terrell  (Atlanta)

Ms. Keyuni caught my heart on Valentines day, that was my first time listening to her show and I called in and she gave me and my fiance shout outs because I proposed to her that day. I have been an avid listener every since. I just love her to death she does her thing.

Jason (Richmond VA)

All I can say, if you have not listened to Ms. Keyuni, you are missing something this lady is the bomb. The entire station is awesome I became a VIP and downloaded the app to my phone as well so I can hear the station 24/7

Eric (Chicago IL)

I have partied with Ms. Keyuni and she is the sweetest person you would ever want to meet. This sister be jammin on the mic and thanks for posting that picture of me and you Ms. Keyuni

Geno (Michigan)

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